Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Let's be clear!

Recently, there have been some rumors that I'm not in top shape like I used to be. These rumors started when some unflattering photos were taken from my computer.

I wanted to tackle the issue head on and explain to you folks that I AM NOT FAT !!
It's totally normal for all of my kinds to have extra skin. We were bread as hunting dogs, so the extra skin helps us fight through brush unharmed. My big ears and loose skin help bring in scents from far away close to my nose.
If you don't know.. now you know!


  1. Lies! Those meatballs are catching up with you. You must've killed at least a 1000 delicious balls of beef over the years. Fatty mcfatterson!

  2. OMG Riley!!! I didn't realize you let yourself go!? I have someone you should email - You do not want to end up like this!!!! See below: