Tuesday, January 19, 2010


My humans tell me I was a bad dog this weekend. I got bored, I found a little white toy, I played with it a little bit, I got called a bad dog.

I guess this is some "Apple TV remote" that used to work but now it doesn't work because I gently played with it. Some other items I've gently played with in the past:
  • iPod - I actually only wanted the leather case around it, but the iPod got in the way, and I don't let anything stand in my way.
  • Rory's glasses - I started chewing on one end. It was nice and crunchy. I like nice and crunchy, I couldn't control myself, so I started chewing on the lens. The lens cracked. Oopsy.
  • Nike Shox - This happened when I was teething, I had no control over it, I swearz!
  • Dirty socks - Too many to count, they smell delicious!
I've made some mistakes in the past, but I will work hard to kick my bad habits. Sowee for all things I've destroyed:(

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